With experts estimating that over 14 million businesses have been hacked in the last 12 months, Cyber Insurance has become a necessity for businesses of various sizes. Even scarier is that approximately 60% of those small businesses go out of business within 6 months of the attack.

Our extensive cyber insurance policies protect against a variety of threats including: malicious data breaches or hacking of business networks or systems, unintentional release of private data or records, revenue lost as a result of damages or destruction, and harm done by disgruntled employees.

Don’t wait until you have been attacked and it is too late! We can build a custom cyber liability policy that protects your business and meets your needs.

Cyber Insurance


Data Breach Coverage

When your business is hacked and records are lost or stolen there is no time to waste. A data breach policy will have you covered so that you can focus on what is important.

Legal Coverage

Data breaches can often result in litigation that is extremely expensive. With Cyber Insurance your business can be protected from damaging legal bills.

Restoration & Recovery

Recovering stolen information and restoring your business to working order can be a time intensive and exhausting process. Rest easy knowing we have you covered.

Flexible Policies

With coverage limits ranging from $25k – $1M, and a variety of additional options like extortion coverage, we can customize a policy to fit your business needs.

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  • With multiple carriers we can find the insurance policy that fits you best.

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