American Strategic Insurance

American Strategic Insurance (ASI) is one of the largest homeowner’s insurance carriers in the United States. ASI sets big goals, and achieves them by paying attention to the specifics. ASI cares most about people and their local communities, and work hard to go above and beyond everywhere they offer coverage.

ASI is passionate about insurance coverage and their customers. Choosing ASI and Martin & Larks means you are getting two companies that take pride in every relationship created. Let us help you find the right American Stategic Insurance policy for your unique needs.

Why Choose Martin & Lark and American Strategic Insurance?
  • Our highly knowledgeable team understands available ASI policies and options.
  • Keeping you protected is our number one priority.
  • We can handle all your homeowner’s insurance needs in one place.
  • When you call our offices you will always speak to a live person.
  • From renters insurance to homeowner’s insurance, we have you covered.

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